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Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance refers to a process in which a computer or laptop can be controlled from a remote location. Remote assistance is a very effective, efficient, and secure support tool. It allows the tech support to see the screen as he would sit infront of your conputer and to make the neccesary adjustments to resolve a problem. During this process no files are copied or transferred from or to your computer. The computer user can see on his monitor what the tech support is doing (even see the mouse movements in real time) and can effectively separate the connection at any given moment. Remote assistance eliminates the need for an extensive infromation exchange on the phone, therefore significantly reducing the the repair time while largely enhance the troubleshooting tasks.

The tech support cannot independently connect to your computer. Your computer has to send an invitation the tech support and you have to accept his attempt to take control. This makes remote assistance very secure and put the computer user in full control of the process. This procedure is achieved by using a small software program as mediator. Remote assistance is not possible without having this program running in the background.


  1. Click on the image at the left
    Select "Run" on the pop-up window in your browser

    The download will begin and start the program

    (if your browser security is set to prevent this download, right-click the image on the left and select "Save Target as...". Once completed go to your download folder and start the program.)
  2. Start the remote assistance request
    On the newly open program select "Allow remote connections" on the left, then click the "Start" button on the right

    Your secure and encrypted remote assistance session will start.
  3. Tell the tech support your ID number and password

  4. Wait for responce and accept connection request
    Click "Yes" to accept the control request

  5. Closing the remote assistance session
    Usually the tech support will end the session once his work is done. In this case the program will automatically return to the display as shown under point 2 above, indicating that the session has ended.

    If you want to close the session on your own, simply click on the "Disconnect" button.

    The arrow is pointing to connection table, indicating the session status and the IP address connected to your computer.

    You can take over control of your computer without separating the session simply by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  6. Cleaning up session files and closing the program
    You can simpy close the program by clicking the "X" on the top right corner. However, if you would like to make sure that all session files and traces are completely removed from your computer, just click the file menu and make the selection as indicated below.


For any concerns or questions regarding Remote Assistance or using the program, please open a new support ticket and submit it to our tech support.