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Pay-per-Use Internet Hotspots

We are currently in the process of upgrading our services by adding public pay-per-use Internet hotspots to our network. The coverage grid for those hotspots will include most of Fauquier as well as the extended area on both sides of the ferry line.

Offering instant sign-up and various online payment options, the hotspots will extend our Internet services to day visitors and travellers alike.

Internet rates and sign-up instructions are being added here upon service availablity. Please check back frequently of contact the Fauquier Communication Centre Society at

Internet Packages & Pricing

Fauquier Communication Centre Society offers various service packages designed and tailored to satisfy your speciffic Internet needs.


Service Package Tier 1
(Basic SLP)
Tier 2
(Higher SLP)
Tier 3
(Highest SLP)
per Month
10 GB 20 GB 40 GB
Download Speed up to
2.0 Mbps
up to
2.5 Mbps
up to
3.5 Mbps
Upload Speed up to
0.75 Mbps
up to
1.0 Mbps
up to
1.5 Mbps
E-mail Address
Included Included Included
Web Mail
Free Free Free

per Month




Bandwidth usage exceeding the totals of each service package will result in an automatic account adjustment limiting all Internet activities to basic web browsing and e-mail services. Other services like file downloading, file sharing, and video/music streaming will be disabled for the remainder of the month.

Please contact the Fauquier Communication Centre Society for further information.